Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home Health Care Services through DORS?

My mother is disabled and has a caregiver in the home for a few hours each day I live in another city, but I have classes in their town once a week and on weekends when I have used to bring her food and help, if I "m & I usually stay with her at the weekends because its near my school. attendants in the home that she no longer wishes to work over the weekend that shes a private employment that pays more. My question was I hired by Dors be their consultant for the weekend? It would be 10 hours in total? Or am I not qualified to be their help because I live with her part-time? e live in Illinois.Is there a website where I read about what is and what is not allowed for personal home care? I think you get a permission to have a minimum of CNA. Also by law, you can not be together on your own mother for these services. The same goes for doctors not allowed to conduct operations on their own children, etc.I think she has Medicaid and Medicare for about a year, it introduced a new policy - if you are eligible for care at home - you can choose who to hire, even a family member.that person should be the definition of "qualified" qualified human resources is clear and can be 18 years / school first aid can / perhaps a CNA training may have to do a little self-education in management, so this law that the doctors can "import FOR FAMILY.and law specifically says that a member may be a doctor fmaily paid.


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